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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Westboro Baptist Church is coming to Wilson to protest their humanity.

Picture of Westboro website

I just saw on my Facebook feed from DCist that members of Westboro Baptist Church are planning to picket Woodrow Wilson Senior High School on June 9th from 8:15 - 8:45 AM.  This is in response to Wilson High School being the first school in the nation to hosting LGBTQ pride day. 

For this the mental goons from WBC are coming to use their 1st Amendment freedom rights to show why they are a declining population in the USA.   BTW in response the a Facebook page is up and it's about a positive response to something so negative.
Friday, June 6th @ 4:00 @ Ft.Reno
Come and bring posters, markers, glitter, crayons, paint, stickers, t-shirts etc. and we will finesse them! We will make signs, draw on t-shirts, all that good stuff. We can take your finished products home, or we can store them at the security desk over the weekend and grab them the morning of June 9th, which is that following Monday.

And! Weighing in already is councilmember and Mayoral candidate David Catania who has released the following statement.
"I’m very proud of the Wilson community for standing up for inclusiveness and respect, even in the face of hateful rhetoric."
BTW I did look at the Democratic nominee's website and found nothing as well as on their social media - nada too.

Here's a  link to Wilson High School 

PS I somehow my title changed.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What some data about the School Boundaries in DC ck this out.

( - the DC chapter of Code for America) working with a team of volunteer techies to support DC schools by ensuring communities have access to relevant data. The Code for DC team has just released an app - that shows the proposed boundary and feeder scenarios for all DC Public Schools under the Deputy Mayor of Education's ongoing boundary review.  Using this site, you can learn about the impact the proposals would have on school choice in your area (based on your address) and you can indicate your satisfaction rating with each proposal.

BTW there's a meeting tonight at Janney at 6pm for anyone in the Ward3 area to get some information. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yes DC primary's are messed up; However! until it changes that is the lay of the land.

So while looking over the timeline of #DCision14 on the "Twitter" I came across one of the non Democratic candidates for Mayor talking about how they're kept out of the Democratic Primary Debates.
Another Democrats-only forum tonight claiming to be all mayoral candidates? #AME #AAWARE #Dcision14 #tlot
Now here the gist of Bruce's argument.   He's not a democrat.  However he feels that he needs to be at a Democratic debate. Since we're in a primary season not sure why he thinks that it needs to be open to non democrats. IMHO if other parties had more supportable candidates they too could hold their own Debate.  Yet,  I decided to respond by saying as much and of course Twitter hilarity ensues after I send him a link which of course shows we have more than one party in DC and that they are "qualified to hold primaries" not guarentted them. 

Anywho, Here the convo just to save you non twitter people from having to slum-it on social media to check this out.

Mine in Red Bruce in Blue 

  • @wardthreedc @BruceMajors4DC You know it’s the Democratic Primary right?  Hence only Democrats, we will have a general election which will be interesting

  • @wardthreedc @BruceMajors4DC Look like it or not a democratic primary is just that for Democrats,  I don’t like it any better then you.

  • @wardthreedc @BruceMajors4DC You picking on the wrong person since I’m not running and I don’t like it any better than you. SO save it for politicians


  • @BruceMajors4DC Don’t confuse Ballots which are givin out on election day w/ debates which can happen during Primaries and General Election

  • @BruceMajors4DC BTW running for office and insulting people is not really a good strategy.  However go on with you bad WINGNUT self.


  • @BruceMajors4DC I agreed that we have 4 parties and I don’t agree that you get to vote willy nilly in primary since ours aren’t open.

  • ME No response given since it's a broken record. 


  • ME No response given and the hence the reason for this blog. 


PS. Bruce voters cannot vote across party lines in DC Primaries. since again we don't have open primaries. 

PSS BTW  for a Libertarian having the Government force us to hold primaries and debates for them seems counter to the whole party foundation. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Not sure how many people are running for Mayor of DC as Dems and that just might be the issue.

Upon reflecting upon Colbert Kings call for some of the candidates to drop out of the Democratic primary for Mayor of DC~ I've come up with another possibility.
If your serious about running for Mayor you should do it in the general election 
To be specific why not just drop of the Democratic party and run as an Independent in the General Election.  It just seems that the Democratic machine is just less broke then the Republican party and that's not good enough anymore.

Given that there is more than a question there is an outright statement in a Court Document that the present front runner will remain that way and it's just fine for the Democratic Machine and it's embarrassing.

As for the District being on track, there are so many problems that I'm not going to go into it here; however I will soon.  Let's just say that we have our hands full.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear DC Mayoral Hopefuls can you please explain to Ward3 why we don't have an outdoor pool?

This is a screenshot for from the DPR website showing the locations of every outdoor pool in DC.

See anything interesting.   Hmmmmmmmm

Anyone remember last summer during the heat wave when our only indoor pool was closed and the libraries.  My point is besides simple fairness which I know DC is far from achieving  it's a matter of public safety.  Considering my company wrote the 2006 Family Emergency Preparedness Guide for the District I'm comfortable talking about this area.

So! don't think about our Community wanting to gather in our own neighbor think about there is often no where in Ward3 for basic cooling.  What is the plan of those running for Mayor of DC which is also the Top Incident Commander;  So, having some knowledge of Public Safety is kinda a must IMHO and having been involved with DC Emergency Response and Recovery efforts since 911 I would like to point out that we the Public needs to address a number of other issues with regards to public safety.

However that's another blog  I just want to know what is going to change to get us a POOL.

BTW try this query{%277%27.EX.%27All%20Aquatics%27}OR{%277%27.EX.%27Aquatic%20Center%27}OR{%277%27.EX.%27Outdoor%20Pool%27}OR{%277%27.EX.%27Children%20Pool%27}OR{%277%27.EX.%27Spray%20Park%27}

PS Our total aquatic centers is pretty lame overall.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let's talk Internet infrastructure in DC since it was promised to our community over 18 years ago

Recently I saw something about our Internet speeds  vs cost on ( in the District of Columbia and then I click over to another article over on Washington Citypaper called the Fiber-Optical Illusion and the current woes of infrastructure to serve the residents in their communities.  The article by Andrew Weiner is well written and I suggest clicking on this link to read it.  What caught my attention was Mayor's promotion of age old effort.

I say ages old since those of us that were part of something called NetDay in the 90 which was about connecting our libraries and Schools to the promise of the internetwork know all too well the promises made back then that still haven't come true.
Today, President Clinton will announce that 10 states and territories had been awarded $11.8 million in grants under the Technology Literacy Challenge Fund, administered by the Department of Education.
I can till recall back during NETday 1997  it was announced that a certain telco accounted a deal to hook up every library and School to an OC48 ring that they building spurred on by generous tax credits and some federal monies.

So when those of us from telco backgrounds showed up to do our part at DC Schools we're flabbergasted to many of the school with barely functioning POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service ) and no way whatsoever to connect to this infrastructure.

From the PDF --District of Columbia: 40 of D.C.'s 150 schools were wired in the fall of 1996, and another 30 have signed up to participate in April and May. Companies have donated laptop computers, WebTVs, extensive teacher training, and wiring kits.

For some perspective and humor I found  a report METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORK ARCHITECTURES FOR INTERACTIVE DISTANCE LEARNING about the value of this and how it's going to change the lives of schoolkids.
 By the year 2000, more than 25% of all schools,
libraries, and hospitals will be interconnected by fiber
optic networks, according to a recent survey
conducted by Deloitte & Touche LLP (Washington,
DC). During that time, IDL MANs will be deployed in
one of three architectures (or, more likely, hybrid
combinations of the three) for intracluster
communications and WAN backbone access: 1)
uncompressed FM baseband circuits; 2) CATV VSB-AM
broadband circuits, and; 3) compressed switched
digital video circuits. (See Figure 1.)

Glad to know the game of bait and switch is still alive.  However I would have hoped that over the nearly last two decades we've not been able to elect one member of our Council that understands a lick of technology.

PS take a speed test to see what kind of service your Internet provider is giving you.  Our is pretty good and I'll be it's better than most of our libraries and Schools

Monday, December 02, 2013

Does Vince Gray deserve a second term? Cuz he's running in DC.

Just got notice of the intention of Vince Gray to run for reelection.

I am running for reelection to build on the progress and achievements of our first term. We are accomplishing what we set out to do. Step by step, we are moving our city forward. We have built strong foundations. But our work is not done.  via email

What does Ward3 think about this? And what is Vince going to do for Ward3?   Join us on Twitter to talk about it.  @WardthreeDC