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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Results are in from the Special Election and we've done it Ward3

So now that the dust has settled from #Four24DC it appears that our local candidate was able to win 6 precincts.  Which means he shouldn't have been in the race. Considering Ward 3 has some of the biggest voting blocks in the District this goes to prove my point in the last blog that running for a District wide office out of Ward3 is the best way to not win an election and to ensure that the old guard continues to win.

Source of information:

Here's a color coated map by Keith Ivey from

I know this is going to sound crazy, however here it goes..... Often those interested in gaging the will of the people run these things called polls, and sure how we do it in Ward3 by not running polls (is pretty awesome) for the candidates it's not working out too well for the voters.

So instead of thinking that backing our lovely Ward 3 neighbors is the way to go, we might want to look District wide to see who's actually got a chance to win and perhaps the Ward 3 Dem's can help all of us by doing just that.....conduct some polls.....

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